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Casita de Justicia is a boutique level legal document preparation service serving the Central Coast. We provide customized support for legal situations and are not attorneys or paralegals. Our mission is to provide personalized and comprehensive solutions for those navigating our complex legal system. 


Legal Document Assistance 


Our Services

Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders


Custody Matters & Child Support


Citizenship Applications/
Renewal of Residency

TPS Renewal

DACA & DAPA Renewal

Name Change

Why Casita de Justicia?

Affordable and Customized Support

Trauma-Informed Care


We offer high-quality legal support at an affordable cost. Our support is customized to your unique situation. 

With a background in trauma-informed support, Casita de Justicia is qualified to support all of our clients with a level of care and understanding. 

Casita de Justicia is here to support the Central Coast's Spanish-Speaking population as well as the larger community. 



(805) 286-5929 

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